iPads in Humanities Classrooms (Resources for CRC)
General Humanities resources using iPads:
Clare Rafferty's Resources

Blooms + SAMR from Kathy Schrock

General Tools:

Apps for Web Browsers:
Readability (Strips ads and leaves clean content)
Dolphin Browser (Save webpages to Evernote)
Photon Browser (Flash) can access Flash based pages.

Annotation over PDF or Documents:
PDF Reader

Annotation over Diagrams/Maps/Images:
Skitch (free) sign up for Evernote
Groupboard (allows up to 5 users free) - like an Interactive WhiteBoard

Cue Cards:
Flashcards +

Inspiration for iPad (Lite)
Popplet Lite:
Idea Sketch (free)
Simple Mind + (free)
Prezi (free for public presentations)
TagCloud (for WordClouds)

Test Questions and Review:
Evernote (free) signup

Quiz Tools:
Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student (To ask Questions in class)

QR Codes (Creators and Readers):

QRAFTER - QR code barcode readerPresentation Tools:

Presentation Tools:
Haiku Deck
Explain Everything
StoryRobe (Creation slide presentations with voice narration)
Reel Director

Interactive Whiteboard Apps:
Doodle Buddy

For Stop motion Movies.
iMotion HD (for Slow Motion)

To explain concepts:
VideoScribe HD
AnimationCreator HD
Strip Designer (Comics)
Comic Touch (Comics)

Recording Audio for Experiments (Alternate)
Quick Voice
Dragon Dictation

Creating eBooks:
Book Creator for iPad
Examples for Ancient China using Book Creator
Create Front Page News Create your own front page newspaper.

Apps to create infographics/graphs:
Graph (Free)

Apps for photo collages:
Pic Collage (free)

Storytelling Apps:
Puppet Pals HD
Toontastic (School Edition) $12.99

Postcard Apps:
Bill Atkinson Photocard App

Google Earth Tour: Create a Google Earth Tour with the places that you are studying in class.
Google Earth App (Free) (Free)

Saving and Sharing Work:

Bibliography Generators:
Easy Bib - Bibliography Generator

Civilisation Revolution Lite - Battle Game Tactics

Ancient Egypt
(Content based apps below)
The Pyramids ($6.99)
Great Pyramid 3DA
Egyptian Hieroglyphs:
Ancient Egypt Virtual 3D Interactive Archaeology Reconstruction: The Raneferef's Hypostyle Hall
Pharaoh's HD
Tour of the Nile

Ancient China

Medieval history

Shogunate Japan
Year 8 History iTunes U Course: Shogunate Japan *Unley High School*

Aboriginal history

Industrial revolution

Gold rush
Gold Rush Resources Secondary

Apps for History

Between the Wars - iTunes U Course Beaconhills College

iTunes U Course (WW!) Unley High School

Battle of the Bulge
Game for World War 11

Strategy and Tactics: World War 2 ($12.99)
Nazi Germany

Russian revolution.

Geography: a focus on sustainability.
http://learningforsustainability.net/internet/online_games.php (Download from Web)
Freerice is a non-profit site that is owned by and supports the UN World Food Programme. Kids just pick a subject and start answering questions. The innovative twist here is that for each correct answer, Freerice donates 10 grains of rice to the Food Programme.
Climate Challenge
http://www.enercities.eu/ Flash based Game
http://www.juicygeography.co.uk/googleearth.htm Google Earth and Geography (Sustainability)

Civics & citizenship - politics and Australian law and basic economics and careers.
Governing Australia

Politics can include law reform, courts, parliament, political parties etc.