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Problem: Abandoned carparks could be re-used for micro-housing and communities around the world.
Design a Tiny House: 6 X 4 metres (size of a car park), or 135 square foot micro-homes (16' x 8') .
for people with low incomes or who are homeless.

Time Frame:
45 minutes to find a solution to the problem
15 minutes to pitch ideas to group (all groups)

Brainstorm Work what is essential in a living space.
In your team you will need to have an:
Building Manager
Chief Financial Officer

Your home must include these things:
It can be two storey (or loft for bed)
Bathroom (Toilet/Shower)
Somewhere to sit/eat
Place for bed

It must also incorporate:
  1. Ways of renewable energy i.e. composting/solar
  2. Gardening (can be around the house) - access to fruit/veg
  3. How it can be incorporated into a community

Design via graph paper provided or use Autocad Online

(Primary Kids) Printable House Template

Apps for Designing Homes:
Home Design 3D - iTunes (iOS) Planit2D Home Planning App

Sketchup (Download Tool):

Resources for Micro-Housing:

Savannah College of Art and Design (Scadpad) Project

Hermit Houses - Design your own with 3D Online Desktop App