Using ICT for students with Special Needs

Universal Design of Learning:

  1. Universal Design for Learning Universal Design for Learning
  2. UDL Lesson Builders
  3. Universal Design for Learning- A tutorial
  4. Classroom Examples of UDL Approach
  5. Universal Design for Learning Pinterest Board
  6. Board on Universal Design for Learning
  7. Personalised Learning - great resources
  8. CAST Website (Teaching Every Student) Resources

Online Web Tools:
  1. Online Tech Toolkit for students with special needs
  2. (Must use with Chrome)
  3. Readability:
  4. Web2Tools and Accessibility:

iPads in the Special Needs Classroom:
  1. Special Needs Apps from NT Ed Department.
  2. Padagogy Wheel for Autism Spectrum Students.
  3. Special Needs Padagogy Wheel
  4. App Rubrics from Tony Vincent
  5. There's an 'app for that' but is it right for you?
  6. Kathy Schrock: IPads in the Classroom
  7. Meg Wilson's Special Needs Apps:
  8. Mobile Technology Feature Match Table:
  9. iPads for Education: Western Australia Rubric that ties in with Australian Curriculum
  10. Spectronics: Apps for special education
  11. Mobile Apps for Special Needs Wikispace
  12. Special Education Apps from the iTunes Store
  13. Apps for Special Needs by Eric Sailers adapted by Jane Farrell (done back in 2010)
  14. Bridging Apps - between the gap between technology and those with disabilities.
  15. Apps for those with vision impairment (Spectronics Blog)
  16. iTunes Course Designed By ADE's on 'Creating Inclusive Learning Environments'
  17. Jeanette Van Houten - iEvaluate App Rubric for Special Needs (Fantastic Resource)
  18. 21 things 4 iPad (REMC Association of Michigan)
  19. iBooks Author: How to make your books accessible
  20. Way Cool Apptivities in Education - University of Colorado
  21. A Placemat of Core Apps for UDL from Barbara Welsford (ADE)
  22. Luis Perez 'Mobile Learning For All' - Either has paperback or eBook.
  23. Luis Perez Website - Great resources and infographics.
  24. iOS Apps to support reading and writing for UDL
  25. Speech to Text Apps from Greg Swanson
  26. iPad Voice Dictation: How to use it and the shortcuts
  27. Universal design for Learning - There's an app for that!
  28. Apps for those who are blind or have low vision impairment.

Apps for students with Dyslexia:
  2. iReadWrite Video

Other Resources:
  1. Siri and resources for iPad, iPhone.
  2. iPads 4 Special Needs Book - Siri
  3. Voice Over Navigation Cheat Sheet - Part 1 (iPads 4 Special Needs Book)
  4. Voice Over Navigation Cheat Sheet - Part 2 (IPads 4 Special Needs Book)
  5. Dot ePub - converts documents into ePubs.
  6. Videos from Assistive Ware (ProLoquo2Go)
  7. A voice for my son - Warringa Park
    Jane Farrell Video with students Video Communication and Conversation