Self Publishing and your students

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Link for Presentation for #LTCON2014

Andrew Fitzgerald - Adventures in Twitter Fiction

Research about students and self-publishing:
Research about eBooks

Ideas about Self-Publishing
Self-Publishing for Students and Teachers

Pearson, self-publishing resource for students

Resources for Music/Videos:
Site for music/video for creative purposes

For Teachers (CyberSafety) for Primary School Students:
Social Media/Cyber Safety for Primary School Students VIC DEECD Document

Publishing Books:

20 Ways and ideas for student publishing (writing)

Examples of Student Self-Publishing:
Instagram Resources:

Instagram in Class

Instagram For EducatorsJeannette James #subjectatschool NSW educator #foodtech
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@Instaedglobal For further examples of Instagram in Education

Using Canva

Ideas: 10 clips of 6 seconds each (combined) idea from Chris Betcher, NSW.
using YouTube Video Editor

Student videos that have gone viral

Primary Students:

Secondary Students:


Blogging for Change
Apps for Bloggers:

Within a school:

List of amazing blogs from the Edublog Awards (2013)

Martha Payne (Scotland) who blogged about her school canteen.

Case Studies using Book Creator

eBooks (Publishing to a global Audience)
Jane Ross (Grade 4 Teacher in Java, Indonesia (ADE)
Young Illustrator publishes her book on iTunes

Publishing Poetry - High School Students using Smashwords

Publishing for Teens:

Resources for Publishing Literary Work online:

40 of the best websites for student publishing

9 Tools to create online newspapers and magazines

Music Publishing and Re-mixing: Copyright for Music in Schools.

Katie Wardrobe's Pinterest board on Remixing and Sampling Using Gotye's music for Re-mix

Using Memes in the Classroom:
Resources for teaching with Memes in the Classroom

Publishing via Pinterest:
Pinterest for Educators

Apps to use:
Instructions for Students and Self-Publishing:

  1. Set up an Instagram account if you don’t already have one.
    1. Download the Instagram App for your mobile device
    2. Download Tweegram (free) for both Android and iOs (depending on your device).
    3. Sign up for Canva at __http://www.canva.com__
    4. Download the Canva App (only for iPad) otherwise you can use a laptop to design the images.

  1. YouTube: Set up a gMail account if you don’t already have one
    1. __ Watch this video to set up a YouTube account
    2. Download the ‘YouTube Capture’ App for iPad or iPhone or follow these steps for Android __
    3. Screencasting: __ Great online tool for creating screencasts.
    4. Explain Everything - iOS and Android - can still export to YouTube (please download to your device if you don’t already have)

  1. Blogging/eBooks:
    1. Sign up for an Edublogs account if you don’t have a blog at __ - can also be used for students.
    2. Sign up for an Evernote account at __http://www.evernote.com__ - Download the app for your mobile device (Android or iOS or Windows devices)
    3. Tumblr:
    4. BookCreator for iPad:Book Creator
    5. iBooks Author
    6. Download Wattpad (App) for either iOS or Android

  1. Music- Re-mix/Mashup:
    1. MadPad: iOS (Download)
    2. Ninja jamm - iOS
    3. Combine Video, Text and Music for a Mashup Video
    4. Signup for a SoundCloud account to share music: __

  1. Creating Meme’s
    1. Mematic (iOS) Download if you have iOS.
    2. Meme Me (Android) Download if you have Android