#LTCON2015: Pearson Conference

Links for ‘Improving English through Digital Literacy’

todaysmeet.com/pearson1 is the backchannel for todays conversations and resources from the session.

SAMR + TECH: http://www.schrockguide.net/samr.html

Accessibility tools:
  1. dictation.io via Chrome Browser only (Voice to Text)
  2. http://eduapps.org/?page_id=7 StudyBar - only for Windows (multiple tools to help students with learning difficulties)
  3. pageoverlay.comOverlay for students who struggle with screens (dyslexia)
  4. Rewordify: https://rewordify.com/ helps students with comprehension and understanding
  5. http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/Literacy+tools Literacy tools online to help students who struggle with literacy

Oral Literacy Tools:
  1. Blabberize: Record your voice and mouth will move of image (great for kids who don’t like speaking in public). or __Facetalker for iOS
  2. Fotobabble: Still image that you can record the audio over.
  3. VoiceThread: Where you can add text, voice or video over the top of images (to comment on or share ideas). Cost for ind teacher or school.
  4. Adobe Voice: Great tools for re-telling a story in own words

Writing Literacy Tools
  1. Magnetic Poetry:
    1. http://magneticpoetry.com/pages/play-online Great for creating poetry
    2. http://magneticpoetrymnl.com/interactive/ Another free online site (choose which kit) then take screenshot to submit for assessment or create your own
    3. Simulation (create something like a Padlet) and students can create their own poetry live Padlet link. http://padlet.com/meganaiemma1/pearson2015 for today’s session
    4. Word Mover App for Android or IOSfrom Read Write Think
  2. Comics:
    1. Marvel:http://marvel.com/games/play/34/create_your_own_comic
    2. Bitstrip
    3. Strip Design(App)
    4. Comic Touch (App)
  3. Magazine/eBook:
    1. https://madmagz.com MadMagz - online collaborative platform for creating magazines
    2. Canva: Using Canva and the magazine template (create your own eBook or magazine).
  4. Infographics:
    1. Piktochart: A great tool for using infographics (check pricing)
  5. Newspaper
    1. Newspaper App: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/create-front-page-news/id453956521?mt=8 Create front page news
    2. Newspaper Online: http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp
    3. Makemynewspaper Create your own e-newspapers in different formats and then export as a PDF

Reading Literacy Tools and Understanding (Comprehension)
  1. Explain Everything(iOS and Android)
  2. Videoscribe Anywhere (whiteboard animation)

Empowering students at risk with technology


Identifying students at risk:
Document from Victorian Government on Students at Risk