Let's Create with iPads (Early Years Conference)

Getting your resources together:

Let's Create with Music:
iPad Orchestra: Boneo Primary School
The Three Bears Rap
Finger Stomp HD

GarageBand for iPad:


Singing Fingers...can trace letters, handwriting and add their voice.

Let's Create with Art:
iPad Art Room Demo Video

iPad Art Workflow:

iSpy with your iPad:
Physical Activity: What do you see out of your window? School or Home.
Ideas: Great for Excursions/Incursions
Photo Collage of your name- think like Google? Mosaic?
Online Activity: Use this to create different collages with shapes:
This is from NGA, and is perfect for natural collage (interactive)
Collage Machine
Workflow: Using the Camera on the iPad or device set up your own iSpy page (whether it is alphabet based or otherwise) and then take a screen shot. Write a little poem to go with it and then turn it into an eBook using Book Writer for iPad. Share with younger or older students. Or alternately use a photo collage tool to create your own collage from existing photos and repeat process.
iOS App: Book writer for iPad, Photo Shaper Collage Maker, Book Creator for iPad.
Android App: Creative Book Builder

Augmented Reality:
colAR App:

Use it in combination with screenshots and then add a voice over to it with Funny Movie Maker

Mandala's and Tesselations (to teach about shapes and patterns). with Amaziograph

Let's create with Drama:
I can Present
Extra Resources and Free eBook:
Sock Puppets:

Stop Motion:
Stop Motion Stopmotion for iPad (claymation) or iMotion HD
Lego Movie Maker app: Record Lego Movies.
Smoovie: Claymation (think Harvey Krumpet!) Adam Harvey