CRC Resources for Workshop (science)

Blooms + SAMR from Kathy Schrock List of #Blooms #Apps from @KTenkely

Internet Resources:

Science Apps
Teach With your iPad - Science Apps
40 Awesome Science Apps for Students
collection of Apps for science
iPads for Science students
iPad Apps for Science Blog
iPads in the Science Classroom

Lesson Ideas for Science Teachers:

Lesson Ideas for Science Teachers

iPads in the Science Classroom

Apps to help with study and test preparation:

Apps for Web Browsers:
Readability (Strips ads and leaves clean content)
Dolphin Browser (Save webpages to Evernote)
Photon Browser (Flash) can access Flash based pages.

Science Glossaries (General and Specific Concepts)
Science Glossary (free)

Creating eBooks:
Book Creator for iPad

Annotation over PDF or Documents:
GoodReader4 ($)
Notability ($)
PDF Reader (Free)

Annotation over Diagrams:
Skitch (free) sign up for Evernote
Groupboard (allows up to 5 users free) - like an Interactive WhiteBoard

Cue Cards:
Flashcards +
Flashcardlet (Free)

Graph/Chart Apps:
Easy Chart HD
Graph (Free)
Tool for creating surveys.
T-Charts (Free) Pros and Cons

Inspiration for iPad (Lite)
Popplet Lite:
Idea Sketch (free)
Simple Mind + (free)
Prezi (free for public presentations)
TagCloud (for WordClouds)

Test Questions and Review:
Evernote (free) signup

Quiz Tools:
Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student (To ask Questions in class)

QR Codes (Creators and Readers):
QRAFTER - QR code barcode readerPresentation Tools: (Free)

Presentation Tools:
Haiku Deck
Explain Everything
StoryRobe (Creation slide presentations with voice narration)
Reel Director

Interactive Whiteboard Apps:
Doodle Buddy

Apps to help with Experiments:
Using the iPad in the Science Lab (Research)

Timers for Lab Experiments:
iLab Timer:

To record Experiments
iMotion HD (for Slow Motion)
Lapse It
Slow Pro

Draw process for experiments:
VideoScribe HD
AnimationCreator HD
Strip Designer (Comics)
Comic Touch (Comics)

Recording Audio for Experiments (Alternate)
Quick Voice
Dragon Dictation

Prac write-ups including the appropriate sections of a prac report.

Scientific Calculators:
2D/3D Scientific Graphing Calculator:

Variables such as IV, DV & controlled variables.

Biology Glossary:

Mitosis (free)
Cell Defence Plasma Membrane
3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool

Photosynthesis & cellular respiration
Virtual Cell

Body systems
__Anatomy Physiology Learn Anatomy ($31.99) Complete resource__
Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference
Eye Decide App
Anatomy Browser
Living Lung (free)
Virtual Heart (free)
Essential Skeleton (free)
Powers of Minus Ten- Bone

Disease & immunity.
Gene Screen App (free)
The Virtual Bacterial Lab
Plague Inc
Game for combating diseases (Solve the Outbreak)
BioHatcher (games) about Microbes

eResources for Pscychology Resources from Andrew Scott for VCE.

Ethics & research methods:
ExamMate VCE Psych App

Brain & nervous system:
3D Brain

The Stroop Effect Test:

Chemistry topics
Chemistry on iPads:

Chemistry Resources for Teachers and Students (James Kennedy)

Virtual Chemistry Labs App: Run your experiments via a virtual lab.
GoReact - Create chemical reactions with this app.
ChemCrafter: Build experiments with this app.

Periodic table
iLearn: Periodic Table
Nova Elements (free)

Periodic videos:

Formula writing
Chemical Forumla Practice Lite

Balancing equations
Balancing Equations (Game)

Atomic structure
Build Atoms
Sugar Shake

States of matter
Changes in Matter

iChemist - Titration Simulator

Stoichiometry Stiumulator:


(acid rain, greenhouse effects)
Climate Mobile
Green Meter
Green Outlet ($1.29) measure your appliances output.
Project Noah
Air Quality Index Web (Not App)

Physics Physics Apps

Particle Physics:
Particle Zoo

Electric Power: magnetism
iTunes U Course on Electricity and Magnetism

Electromagnetism (right hand rules; grip and palm)

Magnetic fields around currents (loops and wires)

Electric motors

Magnetic flux

Induced currents

Induced EMF

Lenz’s Law

Electric power generation

Physics Toolbox - Electricity:
Building Serial Circuits:
Conduct Physics experiments with this video app:

Light and Matter:

Particle model of light

Wave model of light

Interference of light (Young’s double slit experiment)

Photoelectric Effect

Duality of light.

Interactive Science Glossary Physical Sci (Glossary)