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TED Talks:Tidying up Art:

Google Art and Online Museums: Find one and share with group
Google Art Project: Amit Sood
Further Links for Google Art

Bloom Taxonomy and the Art Classroom:

Activity 1: Portraits of a monster/character/famous person
Physical Activity: Have an original of a portrait (even a photo of the student- but half of a face) and students have to finish the rest.
Face It - from National Portrait Gallery
Video showing iPad Art using the 'Brushes' app. by David Kassan (UK)
Online Activity:Picasso Head:
iOS App:
Portrait Sketch (Android)

Activity 2: Collage - Window by Jeannie Baker or iSpy
(Create your own iSpy Books images and then turn them into eBooks)
iSpy Book Resources create your own iSpy picture and then take a screenshot for ideas.

Physical Activity: What do you see out of your window? School or Home.
Ideas: Great for Excursions/Incursions
Photo Collage of your name- think like Google? Mosaic?
Online Activity: Use this to create different collages with shapes:
This is from NGA, and is perfect for natural collage (interactive)
Collage Machine
Workflow: Using the Camera on the iPad or device set up your own iSpy page (whether it is alphabet based or otherwise) and then take a screen shot. Write a little poem to go with it and then turn it into an eBook using Book Writer for iPad. Share with younger or older students. Or alternately use a photo collage tool to create your own collage from existing photos and repeat process.
iOS App: Book writer for iPad, Photo Shaper Collage Maker
Android App: Creative Book Builder

Activity 3: Animating faces and telling stories (and explaining the process).
Also use Digital Storytelling to develop 'flipped videos' - students teaching students
Physical Drawings into Digital Storytelling (then explain the process via)
Online Tools: Blabberize
iOS App: Puppet Pals, Morfo, Explain Everything
Android App:

Activity 4: Augmented Reality and QR Codes
Physical Activity: 2 min Brainstorm where you could use QR codes and Augmented Reality in your classroom.
Workflow: Set up 'Aura's (triggers) using Aurasma for your art work (for any of the projects you are working on).
Online Activity: Using QR Codes creator online to create QR codes to websites, more information.
iOS App: Aurasma and colAR Mix
Android App: Aurasma
colAR Mix:

Activity 5: Mandalas/Patterns/Shapes and Tesselations
Looking at various patterns and how they are created such as Mandalas or Tesselations. Look at this website: and choose 'Patterns of Infinity'. Take a screenshot.
Physical Activity (Colouring Sheet for Mandala's) - Looking at naturally occurring patterns around you.
Online Activity:
Colouring Mandala's online (great for Early Years)
Online Sketching Tool (like Spider Webs)
Look for Tesselations in Nature...(create comics)
Online Tesselation Tool:
iOS App (Tesselations): Amaziograph App (video below how to use it)

Activity 6: Altering Art in a few different forms (Impressionism) or Graffiti
Physical Activity: Take an original art work (choose one of the class) - or look at Vincent Van Goh's Cat and students have to re-create the art work by re-arranging one artistic element.
See TED video.
Online Activity: Changing the Masters from NGA Kids Choose a theme, and re-create your painting.
iOS App: PlayArt App

Activity 7: Abstract Art and Music
Resource: Inventing Abstraction (from Moma - Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Workflow: Using the Moma Art Lab App
Physical Activity:
Kandisky, Abstract Art and Music Using the notes from this website you could incorporate technology, art and music all at the same time.
Online Activity:
iOS App: Moma Art Lab App
Android App:

Activity 8: Sculpture/Origami
Workflow: PotteryHd - create shapes of greek vases, screen shot, use another sketching app to create designs for a clay vessel.
Physical Activity: Sculpt something out of materials provided.
Online Activity: Sketch what your pottery is going to look like using
Online Sculpting Tool
iOS App: Pottery HD (see above for lesson ideas)
Android App:

Activity 9: Claymation (Stopmotion)
Lego StopMotion Ideas and Resources
Workflow: Create a __second video using the character that you have created with the background you created online.
Physical Activity: Create a character that you can use for 'StopMotion' videos.
Online Activity: Use this website to design backgrounds for 'Jungles".
iOS Activity: Smoovie, iMotion HD
Android App:

Activity 10: Words and Images (also refer back to Collage for Photo Shaper: Collage Maker)
Workflow: Wordfoto over drawings, etc, links to literacy like onomatopoeia poetry creations, identity words with self-portraits, etc.
Physical Activity: Trace your hand (enlarge it) and then write all the words that you can think of within that shape. Use different colours.
Optical Illusion 3D Hands and Words activity see above.
Online Activity: Tagxedo
Pictures into Text Portraits
iOS App: Wordfoto

Sandbox Time:
Interactive Art Gallery Resources:
Met Museum, New York
Looking at Art (Guide for Teachers): From Art Gallery NSW
Queensland Art Gallery: for Kids
National Gallery of Australia for Kids

Art Teacher Blogs:
Cathy Hunt's Art and iPads Website
Mrs Morris Art Blog

Teacher Resources:

Online Museums/Art Galleries (Virtual Tours)
National Museum of Australia
Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
Louvre: Paris

Vatican Museum:
Children's Museum, Indianapolis

Other Art Tools:
15 Online Tools: for using for grafitti style art.
Drawing with blocks
**Teaching Art Concepts online:**
Web 2.0 Drawing Tools
Web 2.0 Art Tools: List of Web 2.0 Art Tools Great for creating original 'Pollock' work. Just click to add colour.

Art Games: